BCI Acceptability for Stroke Rehabilitation


Young researcher project funded by the French Research Agency (ANR JCJC)
From the 01-02-2021 to the 31-01-2025 (4 years)

ABCIS – A better acceptability for a better efficiency of BCI-based stroke rehabilitation procedures


While promising, BCI-based stroke rehabilitation is still barely used in practice, notably due to its limited efficiency. For the first time, we tackle the issue of BCI low efficiency from the technology-acceptance standpoint. We will identify and model the factors influencing BCI acceptance (WP1) in the aim (1) to design innovative BCI-based rehabilitation procedures adapted to each patient (WP2); and (2) to combat BCI-related misconceptions (WP3). By personalising the rehabilitation training and by properly informing the population (including the patients and their entourage), we aim at reducing the patients’ anxiety, facilitate their learning, improve their technology-acceptance, and thereby enhance the efficiency of BCI-based stroke rehabilitation.

First results & next steps

Thanks to Marion Ortheguy and Cécile Macaire (bachelor students in applied mathematics, 2018-2019), and to Killyam Forge (master student in psychology in 2019-2020) and Elise Grevet (master student in cognitive engineering in 2019-2020), we designed a first questionnaire dedicated to the general population and to stroke patients. This questionnaire, that is inspired from the technology-acceptance model (TAM3) and the unified theory of acceptance and use of technology (UTAUT), aims at understanding the factors that influence BCI acceptance in the context of stroke rehabilitation. We collected the data of 350 participants and computed a first model using this data. Thanks to the ANR funding, we will now improve the questionnaire and collect a database representative of the population in order to provide a relevant and reliable model.

The team


From left to right:
– Franck Amadieu, Ph.D., Professor in Cognitive Psychology, Univ. Toulouse Jean Jaurès
– David Gasq, M.D. Ph.D., Medical Doctor in Physical Medicine and Associate Professor in Neuroscience, INSERM & Univ. Toulouse 3
– Jacques Py, Ph.D., Professor in Social Psychology, Univ. Toulouse Jean Jaurès

Scientific advisors

We are very pleased to have a great board of scientific advisors, composed of Andrea Kübler (Pr. Psychology, Univ. Würzburg), Blaise Yvert (Research Director in Neuroscience, INSERM Grenoble), Eric Fourneret (Ass. Prof in Philosophy, Univ. Grenoble), Marc-Michel Corsini (Ass. Prof in Computer Sciences, Univ. Bordeaux), Isabelle Loubinoux (Research Director in Neuroscience, INSERM Toulouse) and Philippe Marque (Medical Doctor and Pr. in Neuroscience, INSERM Toulouse).

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