Big Shared MT-BCI Protocol

A Collaborative, International and Interdisciplinary Project


Understanding MT-BCI user learning mechanisms in order to design efficient training procedures and thereby drastically improve the efficiency of MT-BCI based applications. This is an essential step for MT-BCIs to be really useful, usable and actually used out of the laboratories.


We gathered in an interdisciplinary, intersectoral and international consortium. We are currently working on the design of a “shared MT-BCI protocol” based on state-of-the-art methods. Each member of the consortium will then include a few participants for a large number of training sessions and share their data on a open platform. We aim at including more than a hundred participants in total. This will be the largest EEG BCI database. Only such an extensive and collaborative effort will enable us to better understand within and between-subject variability in terms of MT-BCI performance and learning.

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We recently presented our project during the CHIST-ERA conference. Our abstract is available HERE. You can also directly download the slides by clicking on the Download button herein-after.

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