– Peer Reviewed Journal Papers – 

* F. Lotte*, C. Jeunet*, R. Chavarriaga*, L. Bougrain*, D. Thompson, R. Scherer, Md. Mowal, A. Kübler, M. Grosse-Wentrup, K. Dijkstra, N. Dayan, ” Turning negative into positives! Exploiting “negative” results in Brain-Machine Interface (BMI) research“, accepted in the Brain-Computer Interfaces Journal, Taylor & Francis – pdf   (* co first-authors)

* C. Jeunet, B. Glize, A. McGonigal, J.-M. Batail, J.-A. Micoulaud-Franchi,  “Using EEG-based Brain Computer Interface and Neurofeedback Targeting Sensorimotor Rhythms to Improve Motor Skills: Theoretical Background, Applications and Prospects”, accepted in Neurophysiologie Clinique / Clinical Neurophysiology (NCCN) – pdf

* H. Si-Mohammed, J. Petit, C. Jeunet, F. Argelaguet, F. Spindler, A. Evain, N. Roussel, G. Casiez, A. Lécuyer, “Towards BCI-based Interfaces for Augmented Reality: Feasibility, Design and Evaluation“, accepted in IEEE Transactions in Visualization and Computer Graphics (TVCG) – pdf

* F. Lotte, C. Jeunet, “Towards Defining and Quantifying Mental Imagery based-BCI Users’ Skills“, Journal of Neural Engineering, 15(4), 046030, 2018 – DOI: 10.1088/1741-2552/aac577 – pdf

* C. Jeunet, F. Lotte, J.-M. Batail, P. Philip, J.-A. Micoulaud-Franchi, “Using recent BCI literature to deepen our understanding of clinical neurofeedback: A short review“, Neuroscience, Vol. 378, pp 225-233, 2018 – DOI: 10.1016/j.neuroscience.2018.03.013 – pdf

* C. Jeunet, L. Albert, F. Argelaguet, A. Lécuyer, “‘Do you feel in control?’: Towards Novel Approaches to Characterise, Manipulate and Measure the Sense of Agency in Virtual Environments”, IEEE Transactions in Visualization and Computer Graphics (TVCG) special issue of the IEEE Virtual Reality (VR) conference, vol 24, issue 4, pp. 1486-1495, 2018 – DOI: 10.1109/TVCG.2018.2794598 – pdf

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* C. Jeunet, E. Jahanpour, F. Lotte, “Why standard brain-computer interface (BCI) training protocols should be changed: An experimental study“, Journal of Neural Engineering, vol. 13, issue 3, 036024, 2016 – DOI:10.1088/1741-2560/13/3/036024 – pdf

* C. Jeunet, B. N’Kaoua, F. Lotte, “Advances in user-training for mental-imagery based BCI control: Psychological and cognitive factors and their neural correlates“, Progress in Brain Research, no. 228 Brain Computer
Interfaces: Lab Experiments to Rea-World Applications, Chap. 1, pp. 3-35, 2016 – DOI: 10.1016/bs.pbr.2016.04.002 – pdf

* C. Jeunet, B. N’Kaoua, S. Subramanian, M. Hachet, F. Lotte, “Predicting Mental Imagery-Based BCI Performance from Personality, Cognitive Profile and Neurophysiological Patterns”, PLOS ONE, vol 10, no. 12, 2015 – DOI: 10.1371/journal.pone.0143962 – pdf

* C. Mühl, C. Jeunet, F. Lotte, “EEG-based Workload Estimation Across Affective Contexts”, Frontiers in Neurosciences section Neuroprosthetics, vol 8, no. 114, 2014 –  DOI:


– Peer Reviewed Conference Papers –

* C. Jeunet, L. Tonin, L. Albert, R. Chavarriaga, B. Bideau, J. d. R. Millán, A. Lécuyer, R. Kulpa, “Towards an EEG-BCI based covert visual attention training procedure for soccer goalkeepers“, BCI Meeting, 2018 – pdf

* C. Jeunet, B. N’Kaoua & F. Lotte, “Towards a cognitive model of MI-BCI user training”, 7th international BCI conference, 2017 – pdf

* F. Lotte & C. Jeunet, “Online classification accuracy is a poor metric of mental-imagery based BCI (MI-BCI) user performance: An experimental demonstratoin and new metrics”, 7th international BCI conference, 2017 – pdf

* L. Pillette, C. Jeunet, B. Mansencal, R. N’Kambou, B. N’Kaoua & F. Lotte, “PEANUT : Personalised Emotional Agent for Neurotechnology User-Training”, 7th international BCI conference, 2017 – pdf

* C. Jeunet, B. Bideau, F. Argelaguet, R. Chavarriaga, J. del R. Millán, A. Lécuyer & R. Kulpa, “Investigating neurophysiological correlates of covert attention in soccer goalkeepers”, World Conference on Science and Soccer (WCSS) 2017 – pdf

* S. Teillet, F. Lotte, B. N’Kaoua, C. Jeunet, “Towards a Spatial Ability Training to Improve Mental Imagery based Brain-Computer Interface (MI-BCI) Performance: a Pilot Study“, IEEE SMC2016 – pdf

* C. Jeunet, B. N’Kaoua, R. N’Kambou, F. Lotte, “Why and How to Use Intelligent Tutoring Systems to Adapt MI-BCI Training to Each User“, 6th International BCI Meeting, 2016 – pdf

* C. Jeunet, F. Lotte, M. Hachet, S. Subramanian, B. N’Kaoua, “Spatial Abilities Play a Major Role in BCI Performance“, 6th International BCI Meeting, 2016 – pdf

* J. Schumacher, C. Jeunet, F. Lotte, “Towards Explanatory Feedback for User Training in Brain-Computer Interfaces”, IEEE SMC 2015 – pdf

* C. Jeunet, C. Vi, D. Spelmezan, B. N’Kaoua, F. Lotte, S. Subramanian, “Continuous Tactile Feedback for Motor-Imagery based Brain-Computer Interaction in a Multitasking Context”, Interact2015 – pdf

* C. Jeunet, “Training Users’ Spatial Abilities to Improve Brain-Computer Interface Performance: A Theoretical Approach”, Colloque des Jeunes Chercheurs en Sciences Cognitives, 2015 – Best Paper Awardpdf

* F. Lotte, C. Jeunet, “Towards Improved BCI based on Human Learning Principles”, 3rd International Winter Conference on Brain-Computer Interfaces, invited paper, 2015 – pdf

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* C. Jeunet, A. Cellard, S. Subramanian, M. Hachet, B. N’Kaoua and F. Lotte, “How Well Can We Learn With Standard BCI Training Approaches? A Pilot Study”, 6th International BCI conference, 2014 – pdf

– Other Communications – 

* C. Jeunet, B. N’Kaoua, M. Hachet, F. Lotte, “Predicting Mental-Imagery Based Brain-Computer Interface Performance from Psychometric Questionnaires”, Accepted, Womencourage2015 – pdf

* C. Jeunet, F. Lotte, M. Hachet, B. N’Kaoua, “Impact of Cognitive And Personality Profiles On Motor-Imagery Based Brain-Computer Interface-Controlling Performance”, 17th World Congress of Psychophysiology (IOP2014),2014 (poster) – pdf

* C. Jeunet, F. Lotte, M. Hachet, B. N’Kaoua, S. Subramanian, “Designing Training and Feedback Protocols to Assist Learninh of Brain-Computer Interace (BCI)-related Skills”, BBCI Winterschool, 2014 (poster)

* C. Jeunet, C. Mühl, F. Lotte., “Conception et validation d’un protocole pour induire du stress et le mesurer dans des signaux physiologiques“, 25ème conférence francophone sur l’Interaction Homme-Machine (IHM’13),  2013 (poster in French) – pdf

– Thesis –

* C. Jeunet, “Real Time Estimation of Stress Using Electro-Encephalography”, Master Thesis, 2013 –  pdf

*J. Ducasse, C. Jeunet, P. Poublang, “Syndrome d’enfermement, Langage et Interfaces Cerveau-Ordinateur”, Bachelor Degree Thesis (Web Site in French), 2011 – Web Site


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