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On this page, I describe the different projects I have been working on for the last few years, in collaboration with many great students and researchers. For more information, click on the “Read more…” buttons that are associated with each research project. You can also post questions or contact me!
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Big shared MT-BCI protocol

A collaborative, international, intersectoral and interdisciplinary project aiming at better understanding MT-BCI user learning mechanisms.

BCIs to improve athletic performance

Projects that aim at using EEG and virtual reality in order to improve the cognitive and motor performance of athletes.

EEG markers of the sense of agency

Feeling in control is of utmost importance when learning, notably when learning to use a BCI. We explore the EEG correlates of the sense of agency with the aim of measuring it online to optimise training procedures.

ABCIS – Acceptability of BCIs for stroke rehab

This project, funded by the ANR, aims at modeling the factors that influence BCI acceptability in the context of stroke rehabilitation in order then to personalise the therapies to each patient and thereby to improve the efficiency of BCI-based rehab procedures.

BETAPARK – Neurofeedback for Parkinson disease

This project, funded by the ANR, aims at reducing the motor symptoms of patients with Parkinson disease through a neurofeedback training procedure targeting pathological beta rhythms.

WM-RDE – Working-memory depletion effect

This project, funded by the ANR, aims at reinforcing our understanding of the phenomenon of working memory depletion effect (what is depleted? through which mechanisms? how do we recover? how long does it take?)

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